SixSheet Photo Booth Rental for Corporate Events

SIXSHEET is a company that offers photo booth rental for corporate events. Add a point of focus to your brand’s product launch, awards dinner, convention, training seminar, and networking event. We offer seven different types of photo booths to choose from that provide souvenirs that your guests can bring home with them, or post to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or your brand’s website.

These photo booths will add a bit of glamour and excitement to every corporate event. Event organizers and experiential marketers now have something completely new and different to offer their clients.

Our photo booths serve as a form of entertainment that accomplishes two things at once. They provide focus to your events by offering mementos your guests can take home as a reminder of the event, plus they get the word out about your brand’s message, services, or products. With a corporate event photo booth hire, you’re able to generate extra value long after the event is over by the continued presence of images of the event on social media and your brand’s website.

Instant Hit at Weddings

If you’re a wedding organizer or a wedding couple who wants the special day to be extra memorable and enjoyable for your guests, hire one of our photo booths.

With our Videobooth option, the wedding guests can enjoy creating short videos that include audio of best wishes for the wedding couple that they will cherish for years to come. Photo booths are an immediate hit at every wedding and serve to add an extra level of excitement to the wedding reception.

Must-have for Any Fashion Event

If your brand is in the fashion industry, increase the effective reach and influence of your fashion show or product launch by including a corporate event photo booth hire at your next event. Sixsheet’s LCA, Curve, Snap-Pro, IG Booth, and Array types of photo booths are all designed to offer high-quality, unique images and GIFs.

These images and GIFs can be used to spread the word about your brand’s fashions and message across the world of social media for months after your event. They provide you with extra value and exposure that will be converted into a steady growth of your brand’s sales long after your event is just a memory.

Every Photo Booth Comes as a Complete Unit

Every photo booth is designed to be easily installed in your venue, and they all come complete with everything necessary to deliver high-quality images, GIFs, or videos.

A state-of-the-art DSLR, mounting hardware, lights, microphones, and frames are all supplied with your photo booth rental for corporate events, depending on which photo booth you choose. They are set up and operated by our professional photographers. All the venue needs to supply is electrical power; we take care of everything else.

Create a Sense of Excitement at your Next Event

Your guests will be instantly attracted to the range of photo booths options we offer, and they will be one of the hits of your event.

Provide extra value to your next event by hiring a photo booth to both spread your brand’s message and provide your guests with a souvenir of the event. Hire a photo booth from SixSheet for your next event.

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